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Dakota Smith

Dakota Smith

With an academic background in Operational Leadership, Dakota started his career focusing on capital raising and event production for international leadership conferences such as the Community Development Society, United Nations, United Arab Emirates, and the University of Johannesburg.

Dakota now focuses on operations, managing talent, and oversees Mergers & Acquisitions projects that focus on what he’s coined, ‘Community Impact Value Investing.’ 

This concept stems from the “buy great assets under-market” approach Warren Buffet has built his career off of, taking it one step further by using the cashflow from Acquisitions to train veterans, local populations, and entrepreneurs on the skill sets of Business Acquisitions and other high income generating careers.

He brings his years of experience working with portfolio companies to help systematize and streamline communications and business objectives to ensure all teammates hit their KPIs, overseeing team accountability. His team works with a variety of HNW and UHNW (Ultra-High-Net-Worth: $30M Deployable Assets) investors to identify their goals and build Impact Funds to help the affluent take action towards the change they want to see, with a focus on profitable, high-margin, cash-flowing businesses versus venture capital and non-profit philanthropy.

Dakota has a strong track record of being an ideal strategic business partner for operating and originating institutional-quality deals with superior profitability and unique investment opportunities.

Community Building

I focus on building trust and establishing credibility. I share my own investing experiences and successes, open about investment strategies, the mistakes I’ve made, and the lessons I’ve learned. I give insights and knowledge with my community members to help them make informed investment decisions.